Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Surprise, Surprise...

what a day. i awoke to the sound of my phone vibrating against my window ledge. it was a call from the local IHS. they asked me to come in for an interview around 1:15. this was something that came about from my previous attempt to apply at that location. for that past attempt, i failed to fully included every document in my application. take this as a note. if you are going for a federal job, be sure to read the application thoroughly and included EVERYTHING it asks. oh, so as for the interview.... i nailed it!!! i now have a job with the indian health services and i start this thursday!!! i'm still a bit shocked...

and since i'm shocked i need something spastic. let's listen to Daughters.

daughters were a math-rock/hardcore/screamo/grindcore band from providence, rhode island. they formed after the ashes of the screamo/hardcore band As the Sun Sets in 2001. the band quickly became famous for their intense and acrobatic live shows. the band members style and artistic talents behind their instruments and live setting was always something to behold and be aware of. too bad they called it quits this year after the release, of perhaps, their most accomplished work to date.

for the music you find their entire discography. we first start with the self titled seven inch followed by the excellent album, Canada Songs. we are then met with their Live at CBGB's compilation, (sorry for the rapidshare...) and then the polarizing album, Hell Songs. and finally we have their third and final full length which is also self titled. look into these for a bit and set the pace as fast as you want. this is all micro bursts anyway...







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