Monday, July 19, 2010

Paranoia, Paranoia...

okay, so this is the start of my first official week of work. last thursday and friday were just warm ups i guess. overall, the day went much better than i expected. things started to take shape in my routine and i began to get a better grasp of what it is i do exactly. i believe i will be able to handle my duties with more care and determination than most recent things i've done. i know i can do it, so i'm looking forward to getting it all down pat.

going back a bit to the 90's today with the music choice. it's a good one most people might have forgotten, or not even known. slipping by is the band, Harvey Danger.

harvey danger was a pop/rock/indie band from seattle, washington. they formed in 1992 and broke up in 2001. that lasted until 2004 when they reunited and then met their end for the final time in 2009. the band was closely related to the indie rock/post-grunge movements of the late 90's. they can even be associated with emo rock, so there ya go.

anyway, going back to what i had mentioned, you might have known this band at one time. remember the teen horror/sci-fi flick, Disturbing Behavior??? that one that starred katie holmes in her glory days??? well the band had a song in that film and it caught the attention of many people all over. it helped them sell tons of copies of their debut album and became a cult favorite. that song was, "flagpole sitta" and it's awesome. despite what many will consider a, "one hit wonder" type of band, harvey danger were much more than that. they developed a strong underground fan base and continue to be loved by many despite their sad departure playing music.

and with that, i'm pleased to present the bands three full length albums. i'm skipping out on a few ep's, so go elsewhere for those thingamajig's!!! in first place is the debut, Where Have All the Merry Makers Gone?. this is followed by the album, King James Version and then their final output, Little by Little.... these are great albums and i want you all to try them out. you might find your next favorite thing like i sometimes say...

i'm not sick, but i'm not well...

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  1. Love this band so much. I caught their farewell tour on its Boston stop, dudes played their hearts out for 2 hours, and the crowd love it. Little By Little is a great record.