Wednesday, July 28, 2010

All is full of...

today was a better day, but i'm still feeling a bit bad. i'm also very tired and hungry. maybe i'll check out the new jack n' the box they opened down the road. anyway, today is wednesday so that means new Top Chef tonight!!! (i have things to look forward to despite how i currently feel...)

i wanted to be a little artsy with today's post. not saying its art school junk or whatever, but today's artist is considered avant-garde and highly unique. i'm talking about the glory that is, Björk.

björk guðmundsdóttir, or better know simply as, björk, is an icelandic singer/songwriter who has been in the music industry since her debut solo album in 1977. she has been nominated for both, grammy and academy awards, and has one several of them. once she dropped her self titled debut, she joined the post-punk band, Tappi Tíkarrass in 1981, left them and then joined The Sugarcubes in 1986, who were also post-punk, but with a more nu-wave/gothic type of style. in 1992 the sugarcubes broke up and björk pursued her solo career, releasing her second album, Debut in 1993. the album became an instant hit in the alternative music world with such songs as, "human behavior" "venus as a boy" and "big time sensuality". this was trumped by her next album called, Post, which became an ultimate smash hit. it even has a spot in the Rolling Stone 500 Greatest Albums Ever Made issue, ranking in at number 373.

in 2007 i got the chance to see björk play at that year's Coachella Music Festival. it was an awesome moment for sure, but i got a text from my buddies telling me to get to the small tent to watch Gogol Bordello. to this day i don't regret doing that. björk is cool to see live, but i'd much rather witness her spectacle in something smaller than a huge outdoor festival. (imho of course!!!)

for her music we have three albums. first is the album, Debut which wasn't really her debut, then after that is the incredible album, Post. and in last place is the album, Homogenic. these three are my personal faves and each one is in order by release. oh, and the video for "all is full of love" was directed by Chris Cunningham who is a genius. enjoy!!!

your phone is off the hook...

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