Sunday, October 31, 2010

Happy Halloween People...

today is the day that halloween goes in full force. funny thing though, because last night felt like halloween. all the kids were out trick-or-treatin' and i guess that's because halloween fell on a sunday this year and you know how hard it is for little kids to get up and go to school. despite this, tonight will still be a fun night and i'm very excited because the premier of, The Walking Dead starts around nine or so. it's a new television series on amc that's being directed by the guy who made, The Shawshank Redemption and The Green Mile. just because of that, i believe it will be in good hands.

oh, and before i forget, i just want to go back to this past friday and mention a little bit of it. work was work, but that day was a lot of fun. all the departments got to carve pumpkins and i was picked to do ours. i had a hard time deciding on what to do, but then it hit me. i will make a cartman pumpkin!!!

ha ha i think he looks awesome!!!

so anyway, work ended and i blazed home to change and then head to my moms to pick up my little brother. it was my idea to take him to our church fall festival. he was tired and a bit grumpy, but nonetheless had a good time. it was also fun to see all my friends and family there. i even got to take a picture with my good buddy lexi, who dylan was trying to protect me from. (she was a vampire and you know how them vampires get...) i was also glad to see my best friend mike and his family. good ol' mike!!!

darth vader is posin' and somehow not burning his hand on his lightsaber...

and so the night ended with me going to norman to pick up my Withnail and I... bluray and then hitting the taco bueno to get some munchies. i got to bed at a decent time for once and slept in saturday until around eleven. saturday night was most excellent, what with me giving out tons of candy to neighborhood kids and some weirdo's and then watching OU beat the crap outta colorado. oh, and the food was awesome!!! my mom made chili and grasshoppers and cornbread. (grasshoppers are jalapeno peppers with cream cheese and bacon wrapped around it with barbecue sauce. mmm mmm good!!!) and as for today, well i stayed up too late and missed church, but i guess that's okay. it's not the end of the world. i'll make up for it somehow. until then, i hope everyone of you out there have fun and be safe tonight. there are a lot of crazies out there who want to be extra creepy, so be on the lookout!!!

oh heck, i almost forgot about the music. well, let's not get to moody here and instead relax with some awesome post-rock. this comes courtesy of the band, Tortoise.

tortoise is a wonderful post-rock band that started back in 1990 and are considered one of the best around. they hail from chicago, illinois and have made several groundbreaking albums in the genres of indie/electronic/ambient and of course, post-rock. the band has several members, some of which have been in other influential acts like, The Sea and Cake, Slint and that crazy dude known as, Beck.

today there are two albums i want you to check out. first is the second full length album by the band called, Millions Now Living Will Never Die. and after that we have my personal favorite which is their third full length simply titled, TNT. try these out and enjoy the landscapes. dig it...

spooky vision...

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