Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Shake, Shake, Shake...

well now, it seems my home state of oklahoma has been hit by an earthquake this morning. while i sat at my desk, i felt the sudden rattle of the ceiling tiles. this, coupled along with the rumble of the building made me think it was simply the air conditioners acting up. bbbbbbuuuuuuuuuuttttttt, this was NOT the case people. nope nope!!! Yeah, like i said, we had a freekin’ EARTHQUAKE!!! you know how many of those we get??? NONE!!! at least none that i had felt… so, as you might have guessed, this was the talk by the water cooler today. oh, and not to forget, those poor miners trapped underground over in chile were also a topic, so all in all, it’s been an eventful day. to top it all, my car wouldn’t start once again during my lunch break, so i guess that means it’s officially the most thought provoking day since forever.

in other news, i just recently purchased the new Medal of Honor game for my ps3. to be quite frank, i love this game!!! no, seriously, i’m not trying to kid myself or you because of all the awkward feedback it’s been getting. this is not, Call of Duty, and i don’t think it ever was meant to be. it’s medal of honor, and it’s a classic series that i’ve been playing since the late 90’s. i own every single release except for two games, so i think i know what i’m talking about here. i’m just glad i didn’t go into this wanting it to be like call of duty. that there is something i’m proud of because it didn’t set me up just to let me fall. to get to the point here, the game is awesome in a lot of ways. the story is gritty and seems to take itself a bit more seriously. it’s mature through and through. also, sure, the graphics could have used a bit more polish, but that’s doesn’t effect my overall opinion on it. the gameplay is top notch, with just the right amount of comparison to call of duty and the Battlefield series. and as for the multiplayer, i find it to be a nice change of pace. the matches are intense and very fast paced, but that doesn’t knock it down any. there is a good sense of accomplishment that comes from getting several kills in a row without dying and once you do, you can up the ante with awesome effects like mortars and air power. this, all collected with a solid ranking system, makes for a fun experience, and an alternative to playing call of duty so darn much. this time, i actually feel like i’m doing something with skill rather than luck. how about that huh???

the season is changing a bit more. nice cold weather is starting to stir up and hit our faces here, and that’s what i’m excited about. i LOVE the winter and find that wearing thick sweaters and jackets more fun that tank tops and shorts. nothing wrong with summer, but just in my personal tastes, winter is more relaxing. snuggling up in bed when the sheets and blanket are cold, then finally falling asleep when they become warm from my own body is soothing and hypnotic. waking up in the morning and seeing my breath mix with the outside elements is memorizing. slinging on my worn in boots and zipping up my thick wooly jacket is a fun routine, as well as sitting in the car waiting for the windows to de-fog and the seats to get warm. yep, the chilly atmosphere creates this little alternate world that envelopes my every being and compliments my feelings and personality. it might seem depressing to some, but eh.

oh, and you know what??? since this change will come quicker than the booting of our current president, we better get out those final summer jams!!! i think this might be one of the last few for a while, but who knows. so, for one more warm night, let’s hang with Neon Indian.

neon indian, is a chillwave/psychedelic act from denton, texas that started back in 2008. the group was founded by alan palomo as a side project to his work in Ghosthustler and VEGA. the music of neon indian is rooted in psychedelic pop, but also electronic flourishes and noise music. it has a touch of dream pop and synth styles as well. like his peers, Toro Y Moi, Wavves, Best Coast, MGMT, Washed Out and Panda Bear, neon indian is a part of that summer of 2009/2010 chillwave craze that swept the internets, but that shouldn’t discredit them. this music is sexy as well as freak-out crazy. there is a good amount of awesome contained in this young band, so don’t go without trying!!!

and as for trying, here's is the debut album, Psychic Chasms. this was a big release and one of pitchforks more popular albums of 2009. the band toured their butts off on it, hitting the summer festivals and opening for great acts like, Phoenix, Massive Attack and Chromeo. keep your eyes and ears open for these guys because, coming soonish, they will be making/releasing that sophomore effort and that's when we'll see if they still live up to the hype. until then, we have this to chillax with. dig it...

it wasn't an earthquake, it was me sitting on the toilet...

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