Saturday, July 30, 2011

Cowboys, Aliens & Natives...

soooo, last night was awesome!!! me and kristy went and saw Cowboys & Aliens. to some, it might have been super silly, but for us it was great!!! the really best part was seeing Adam Beach in a new movie, plus the wonderful Apache extras on set. (kristy is San Carlos Apache) we laughed and cheered as the Natives outsmarted the aliens and helped bring victory to the wild west.

Right now i'm back at dad's, washing clothes and trying to stay cool. i just got done running around the block and i reel rejuvinated. there really is something great about workin' out. i know i need it...

oh, and this weekend is Indian Hills!!! i'm not dancing this year because i feel i'm not ready. after breaking my foot and gaining some weight, i feel as if i should get back in shape somewhat. i'm actually looking forward to it. no more tight clothes and flabby skin. time to tone up!!!

well i gotta go. Falls Creek is next week and i'm very excited about going at least one day. i'm finishing up the last touches to my Native American calendar and when that's done, i'll try and get it posted on here. see you all laters!!!

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