Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Wiggle Room...

i'm designing a cartoon picture for the splashes news paper. i hope its used because i really like how its turning out. its a Native American animal calendar, just like the ones you can find at chinese restaraunts. instead of dragons, rats, and monkeys, we have buffalo, eagles, armadillos, and bigfoot among others. there's even funny descriptions for each animal, which are placed on all twelve months. yeah, i'm gooing over this little project and am very excited about how it will all turn out!!!

and so, tonight was church and it was good. i spent time praying and basking in the Lord's house. its so peaceful at church. there is never anything wrong when being surrounded by Christians, sharing time with each other. i always get a good feeling when i'm with my church family. when there's more than one Christian together, the power of God is strong.

have a great night folks...

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