Thursday, August 4, 2011

Stock Market Calorie Dropsssss...

two things to write about. first off, i'm typing this while at Indian Falls Creek. it's my favorite place to vacation and i managed to get off work for a couple of days to come. it's such a blessed time to spend here amongst Native people. even more special when its in a Godly place such as this. thank you Lord!!!

and the second thing to mention is that i started P90X. i have tried this workout program a few times, but failed in my attempt to develope a habit. this time things are different. the Lord has motivated me to get in shape and do right by myself. my relationship with kristy is great and my acceptance of myself is being worked on slowly. i'm actually trying my best to love, not hate myself.

anyway, P90X is brutal and i mean, BRUTAL!!! since i'm here, i have to miss two days of my training, but that's ok. i knew starting on August 1st that this will mess with my camp schedual, but i'm not worried. i'm still motivated to do this and since i've been running everyday at lunch, things are begining to move smoothly. i'm developing a routine and things are falling into place. thank you Lord!!!

ok, well it's thursday night and i'm here to help with the last splashes paper for friday. i better get back to it. see you all next time, and with an update on the P90X front!!! (oh, andi still want to post that pic i drew. give me some more time...)

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