Saturday, September 3, 2011

Stickball, Funnel Cake, Vacation...

i'm in a small town called Antlers with kristy and her family. i'm exhausted beyond belief, but that's ok. to say that this weekend was lax is a no no. instead it was an amazing time full of fun and good health. i feel more alive than ever. me and kristy arrived to Tuskahoma yesterday around 2pm. we then set up our tent and prepared for a hard stay. i say hard because the temperature was blazin'. regardless, that little annoyance didn't stop the good times.

i danced in that friday night's powwow. i haven't busted out the dance regalia since the OU powwow back in april. i've been a little uneasy since i broke my left foot this past summer, so this powwow was a real important event for me. overall, i guess i did alright. i've been running just about every day at work and i thought my dancing would benefit from it. i think it did a little bit...

ah, and as for saturday it was filled with a lot of events. first off we watched the fast pitch tournaments all day, kristy taking turns playing with her team. even i got to play for a brief moment!!! later on we watched the stickball tournament, which was Muskoke Creeks against the Tuskahoma Natives. stickball seems really intense, yet fun to play. i'm curious to try it out someday. oh, and the night ended with me and kristy riding the ferris wheel at the carnival.

overall, i'd say it was an amazing weekend. i'm going to bed very tired, but with some most excellent memories. happy labor day everyone.

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  1. sounds like you had a great time. riding the the ferris wheel! that is great.