Friday, September 23, 2011

Big Truck Seminoles...

not much goin' on. well, tonight is special because i'm hosting my churches young adult bible study at my place. i'm just glad its all cleaned up and more roomy. if only i had a couple more chairs...

ah, and i forgot to say this before, but Glorieta's 50th anniversary is tomorrow!!! i'm going with my grandma and kristy. i'll be there a bit early to help the youth serve food, but all that aside, it looks to be a great experience. i'm looking forward to helping the youth and hopefully being some sort of role model. we'll see how everything goes!!! O_O"

oh, and on a quick note, i ate at Big Truck Tacos today with kristy at lunch. i had the shredded pork taco and a fish taco. if you ever come to oklahoma and are near 23rd and the paseo district, do yourself a favor and stop by there to bust face on awesome tacos. Aw, and don't forget to try the mango salsa!!!

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