Saturday, September 17, 2011

Dried Booger Snot Rockets...

once again i'm down in seminole and its the first Falls Creek meeting of the year. i can't believe i'm still doing this. i'm very grateful. later on today is an OU game. i think they're playing Florida or something. i just hope we steamroll over them!!!

oh, and i also got a brand new camera app called, "paper camera". it's freekin' awesome!!! you use it to take pics and they are then filtered to look like different types of art drawings. i altered an older pic i took at the zoo and used the pastel option. i was amazed at the quality and attention to detail. i'm such a nerd...

aight, well i'm going to check out now. events are starting to happen; people and places are moving. i'm just trying to stay afloat, dealing with life's trials and tribulations. it's very hard, but God is standing beside me..

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