Friday, September 9, 2011

Public Domain And Cheese...

oh my golly gosh, i'm so sorry to keep long times between posts on here. i need to re-think this whole thing over. i've seen certain blogs die out, their creators throwing in the towel. but i straight up refuse to do that. this blog has always meant a lot to me and to just up and leave it would be cruel.

i called in today. my stomach is giving me a hard time. i'm gently walking on the edge these days. why do i risk losing everything i've done for myself up to this point??? the money isn't what's important to me, but my passions are. my responsibility is to that job and the people i work with. why am i taking it for granted??? why am i making excuses to not work??? having a passion is good an all, but when it interferes with my daily needs i should put a stop to it. but damnit, don't you ever feel like, "screw that, i'm gonna do what i want!!! and if i want to sit at my desk and write all day, well that's what i'm going to do!!!" yeah, all that and a bag of chips now. i'm most likely setting myself up for a big fall. i might even blog about how i screwed up and detail my current situation. i'd do that with shame, but also a sort of weird pride. if anything like that happens, i might just start all over and move somewhere. begin a new life in a different place.

i wonder how many people out there have written the same damn stuff i just wrote??? i'm not being original which is a writers worst fault besides spelling errors and nonsense...

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