Friday, June 10, 2011

Kung-fu Schuyler, 84...

howdy everyone. i'm laying back against my couch, watching my crappy bootleg of Tron Legacy. its a special weekend for me because my little brother is here. i promised to spend some time with him this summer, so he's here with me. speaking of summer, i just found out i get to keep my job for another year. it was something boiling under my skin for the longest time, and now my prayers have been answered.

today was a long and troubling occasion. my inner thoughts were scratching at my heart, causing me to get depressed. on my way to pick up lil' bro, i wanted to stop over at moms and speak my mind. i thought i could get it all off my shoulders, but wait. there was another thing happening. i learned that my problems were just my own, and i shouldn't spew them out on my family when they have their own. times are tough with my relatives. there is never a peaceful moment that lasts no longer than a nap...

tomorrow were going to see Kung-fu Panda 2. later on we might ever go watch that new flick called Super 8. i'm most excited for that. oh, and earlier today i bought my very first bed. i can finally sleep in a relaxed position now!!!

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