Saturday, April 2, 2011

Maple Bacon...

i'm currently sitting against my couch watching The Office and jamming old school screamo, courtesy of the band, Page. 99. one day i'll make a massive post for them, but until that time comes, we'll all have to make do with these dark ages i'm currently dealing with. (no computer or internetz...)

i think i'll go to mikes later and hang out. kristy is here with me and its nice to have her back from the recent business trip she was on. ah, and this morning, for the first time ever in my new home, i made BREAKFAST!!! i freekin' nailed it!!!

alright, that's it for now. i just wanted to check in and let you all know i'm still here. alive though??? well not according to my new profile pic. i look like a corpse...

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