Saturday, April 9, 2011

Words For They...

iv'e witnessed many things. my words will show no respect for what's been. i'm just as confused as ever, but not completely gone. i often find myself thinking too deeply over matters that should seem clear. my head hurts like a fishbowl dropping from someplace high. i want to be knowledgeable of all things, but that's being greedy. i take what i get, and hopefully learn from it. twenty six years is a long time to be in bed, or sitting down. its prime moments to get out there and live. life is not meant to be wasted and burned. each step i take is getting me closer to my next level. life does have meaning and i believe that now more than ever.

ever seen the edge; that moment where its light and dark??? i have. its not the place to be when its not your time. there is a void, a short run to the bottoms of your soul, which will gasp for breath. my eyes are tired from all my subjugations. the things i've put myself through. enough has passed to where i can't stand it any more. my body is weak from self torment. my mind is thirsty for purity. i am in need of an awakening. a chance to live life the way its meant to be. humble and kind. happy and thankful. joyous and blessed.

my hand has fallen asleep...

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