Sunday, November 7, 2010

I Said Good Day...

not much goin' on here today. i'm just waiting for the next episode of The Waking Dead to appear and while doing that, i thought i'd go ahead and post something real quick. i'm also waiting for tomorrow nights launch of Call of Duty: Black Ops. this is going to be, yet another video game fueled month. oh, and the moving thing is still happening.

ok, for the music here is the sound track to the film, Mysterious Skin.

the movie mysterious skin, was directed by greg araki, and released back in 2004. it stars joseph gordan-levitt and brady corbet and it details something i'm not wanting to discuss here. this is one of those hard to watch films that can break your heart and possibly make you never want to watch it again. still, it's artful and somber and the direction is spot on. what i like most about it is the music of course, and greg araki has a good sense of choice when it comes to his movie making. if you have ever seen any of his past films, (Nowhere, The Living End, Doom Generation...) then you probably know that the guy loves his ambiance and thrives in the shoegaze/dream-pop spectrum. for this film, besides having music by bands like Curve, Slowdive, Ride and Sigur Rós filtered throughout the film, he also recruited the talented work of ambient artist Harold Budd and guitarist Robin Guthrie who was one of the founding members of Cocteau Twins to create a rich and atmospheric soundtrack to accompany his film. to describe ambient music is very hard, so you just have to give it a listen and live through it yourself.

cheesecake chimichangas...

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