Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Hakuna Matata...

(on another minor note, i wrote this blog entry a few days ago too...)

i’m sooooooooooooo sorry i missed these last few days. i figured the blog would still be around despite me not being there for a bit. after the effects of the past week, i needed a break from some of my hobbies and the blog, being one of the most important, seemed to be the chosen one. anyway, i’m back now and ready to start a new week in the life of schuyler deal. hmm, let’s see here… well, for starters, on friday the new, Harry Potter movie hits theaters and i’m terribly excited!!! i have been waiting for this a long time and it’s finally here!!! the last book is being made into two parts, so for the first time ever, a harry potter movie will hopefully get the justice it deserves. i mean, come on!!! this series has become one of the most epic out there and it really needs to be told as best as it can, especially when we’ve patiently reached its end.

ah, and in other news, yesterday after church i was called and asked to play joseph in our native american version of the christmas story. our own take on the traditional play is formed around us interpreting it all with a native american theme. it’s actually an awesome site and something way different than what most are used to. at first I was reluctant to do it, but after some careful thinking, i guess it won’t hurt. heck, they went out of their way to ask me and it seems they think i can do it, so i guess i’ll take the job. let’s see how this goes…

alright then, now it’s time for me to discuss my music selection. for today i want to post on a band that i’m currently listening to while typing this. they were called, Knapsack.

Knapsack were an awesome 90’s emo/indie/post-hardcore band from, i think, davis, california. they existed from about 1993 to about 2000 after lead singer blair shehan formed his new band, The Jealous Sound. for me, what makes a band like knapsack good is their hardworking honest music. it’s not the best of the best, but it’s much better than most of what was out there and still is. this was some of the best “alternative” rock to emerge during the 90’s. heck, all of that 90’s emo style music was the best because it wasn’t all washed out like it is now. try finding some sort of connection to the bands that make up that scene today… eh, anyway, before i blow a gasket complaining on today’s fumby music, i just want to show my appreciation here for a great band. if you happen to like a few groups such as, Samiam, Jawbreaker, The Lawrence Arms, Hot Water Music, Leatherface, Jawbox, Mineral and Texas Is the Reason, i don’t see why you won’t totally dig knapsack.

right, so for the albums we have three in store here. first is their debut, Silver Sweepstakes. this is then followed by their second release, Day Three of My New Life. and in last place is their swan song and best album, This conversation Is Ending Starting Right Now.... alrighty, so you have the goods and now is the time to make use of them. try this out and enjoy!!!

no worries, for the rest of your days...

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