Thursday, May 12, 2011

Thundaaa And Lightening...

the california chicken melt at city bites is an awesome sandwich. the overall taste is exquisite, with a roasty bite and salty lick. grabbing myself a bag of cheddar sun chips and some sweet, black tea, i'm ready to go!!! oh, how nice the simple things are. i wish life could be more like this. of course, that's not the overall plan of things. nope, life can't be this easy and nice, because if it was, what would we learn??? how would we develope backbone??? i'm not a theorist, but i can think things with a hopeful, genuine sense of some sort of clarity. that's why god gave me a brain for.

i recently purchased this little device called a "headphonie." its a little critter-like person that's adorable and portable. you connect your musical device through a chord and the little guy plays your tunes. he's a miniature speaker!!! cuteness aside, this wonderful gadget packs a punch and is durable. you won't believe the sound quality it expells!!! its just one of the many things that describe the nerdyness of me. i wanna get one for my girlfriend!!!

well, its time to get back to my sandwich. i'm going to dallas again this weekend, so i'll try to keep in touch. thanks for being patient while i wait for a new computer during these, "dark ages." oh, GO THUNDAAA!!!

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