Friday, May 27, 2011

Pineapple, Orange, Limeaid...

i sit in a smoked out room, waiting for my flight. the ceiling tiles look like they've been run through a swamp. the people here are quiet, patiently smoking in this designated space. interesting how they all stare off, flinging their ashes into the complimentary trays. the smoke smells good this time. i usually hate it.

this is my trip to phoenix, arizona. i'm visiting my girlfriends family, on her apache side. this looks to be interesting. just to get out of oklahoma is nice. these past few weeks have been stressful. broken cars and broken feet. tornadoes and heat. to get away is a blessing. i'm really excited to be here and doing something on my own again.

bye bye oklahoma. i'll see you when i get back. please be nice and cool...

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