Friday, May 20, 2011

Motor Cycle Drive-by...

howdy fine folks. checkin' in from the Diamond Ballroom, about to see Third Eye Blind and get all teary eyed. heh heh, naw, but, well who knows. this band got me through some tough times. i spent many private moments listening to their selftitled debut. i don't want to list all the details, but let's just say the subject matter hit close to home. tales of heartbreak and doubt, selfishness and stupidity, winning and failing.

i'm pressed against a stone wall, typing away on this phone of mine. ironic how i make this my outlet to the outside, despite the mammoth debts owed to payments and responsibility. i like to take the time to reflect, seeing things from different angles. my perspective on living and relationships notwithstanding. the ambience is one of talk, people with ideas and feelings as well. maybe they are connected to Third Eye Blind just like me??? those memories from past lives. i gotta think that that's the case, seeing as how they are all close to my own age.

how's it goin' to be, when you don't know me anymore??? i sang that song at high volume, hoping that she would hear me far away. the delusions of grander got the best of me. i couldn't take the heavy feelings deep within. i cried and smoked some more, hoping that i would collapse inside and my body explode like a bomb. i'd take myself to some far off place, wishing i could stay there and forget. but no, you never forget. the pain still lingers and i'm sitting here wondering why it won't stop. gothic much???

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