Thursday, February 10, 2011

Runny Nose...

ugh, i think i'm getting a bug or somethin'. my nose is stopped up and runny and my throat is sore. this stinks because it means i'm a walking disease. no kissing for me!!! eh, oh well, not all is bad though. i'm still here and enjoying my life a lot more than in the past. i can't help but smile right now as i type this!!!

i wanna make this short because i'm meeting kristy in a bit to have dinner. for this post i'm making a mark for a band i totally missed out on last year. they go by the name, Bo Ningen, which is japanese and i think it means, "stick men"...

okay, so pay attention here, because i'm going to have to explain a lot in a short amount of words if i can. bo ningen is a four piece band from london, england and are one of that nations rising talents. they have been highly praised by fellow rockers, The Horrors and by musical press, nme. to describe their sound, take the heaviness of Black Sabbath and Lighting Bolt, mix in the garage rock roughness of, The Sonics and The Mummies, then stir that with the noise punk spasticness of Melt Banana and Arab On Radar, and you might have a close idea of what this band is all about.

actually, what i listed above is only a taste of the craziness this band does. as i was writing the above paragraph, i kept thinking i'm hearing freekin' King Crimson and kraut rock like, Faust, Neu! and Can. it's no wonder they toured with ex-singer, damo suzuki, from can... anyway, this is really bogus and it's keeping me interested to the very end. it's j-pop turned on it's head and farted on. bo ningen are amazing and come highly recommended!!!

for their tunes, in first place is their debut ep titled, Koroshitai Kimochi. and after that is their self titled debut full length. oh, and just for a warning, these songs are all sung in japanese, so don't freak out

Bo Ningen play Koroshitai Kimochi (live at the George Tavern, London, UK) from Esper on Vimeo.

cough drops are needed...

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