Monday, February 28, 2011

Moving Day...

hello campers!!! this is schuyler deal reporting from the frontlines of life, and so far life is freekin' good!!! i'm making this quick post with my phone since i won't be near a computer any time soon. as the title says, today is moving day. well, later on it will be. the time has finally come for me to actually leave the nest and head out into that big world out there. i've already been in it, but that was just practice i suppose. this time its for realz and i'm as ready as i'll ever be. god bless those who have helped me get this far. i'm sorry if i was ever pushy, or rude, or arrogant, or even terrible these past few years. i never meant to be that way and i apologize for everything. if it wasn't for all of you who helped me, i wouldn't have made it this far. thank you so much for your kindness and love.

so, as you should already have figured out, i can't post any music this time. never fear though, because i have lots of plans for the future of this blog and as far as the writing goes, its being taken to the next level. i plan on more detailed overviews of the artists as well as delicate, yet personal reviews of albums. there is one such band that i've been patiently waiting to write about and after some recent events, now is the time to gush over their music and show off how much of a geek i am!!! heh heh

alright, well Kristy just texted me, so this is goodnight for now. don't think i've forgotten all of you and this blog. its just that life is finally moving and i'm very excited to be alive. i'll catch you all again shortly, so don't go anywhere because a wolf at the door will be right back after these important events. laters...

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