Thursday, October 27, 2011

Toby's Pullin' Up...

Paranormal Activity 3 was pretty fun. i enjoyed going to it twice, once with my Mom and another time with kristy. they both were scared, which led to some amusing moments for me. there is nothing like watching a scary movie during Halloween season. i’m fond of those old memories from way back when. the films that have always stood out are, The Blair Witch Project, Dawn of the Dead, Halloween, The Texas Chainsaw Massacre, Night of the Living Dead, and I guess the Paranormal Activity series. ha ha

in other more awesome news, i finally got my copy of BATTLEFIELD 3!!! YYYYYEEEEEEAAAAAAHHHHHH!!! oh man, it’s sooooooooo awesome!!! i’m having such a blast playing it online. Aww, and to be clear, i’m having fun playing the online multiplayer ONLY. the single player is pretty terrible and not really fun at all. it comes off as a bad, third-rate Call of Duty clone in regards to story line, characters, and set pieces. there really isn’t anything to write home about. the single player just sucks. period. bbbbbbuuuuuuuutttttt, as for the multiplayer??? well let’s just say that COD has A LOT to live up to, and I don’t expect them to really do that much overall to their already tried-and-true gameplay experience. probably some new guns, new killstreaks, new fightin’ areas, and newish graphics, but in the long run, i just can’t see COD really gaining the upper hand in the multiplayer field right now. it’s the same ol’e thing, and I doubt they’ll change anything at all that much. when people get a COD game, they expect it to be just like the others, so no, nuh uh, there won’t be any big changes. so my point is, over there, you have time tested and loved, COD, aaaaaannnnnddddd way over there you have Battlefield 3; a newer game with, what i assume, is an entirely new multiplayer game style of which not many outside of the computer or Bad Company series has played before. it’ll take a lot to get folks into this change, but once they do they should see a very dramatic difference, and one that i now call, THE BEST MULTIPLAYER GAME ON THE MARKET. RING a’ DING DING PEOPLE!!!

hmm, i thought i had more to say… ugh, i feel so bad that i haven’t been updating this blog with music like i have done before. please people, just know that i am working hard to get back to that format. times are difficult right now for me and i don’t have the cash flow to get a computer at the moment. car troubles you see??? and also, my life has just been busy more that i thought it would be at this time. having a girlfriend is totally awesome and i wouldn’t give that up for any hobby ever. i’d rather spend time with her than be on here, but just know that i love my blog and i’m going to keep it going for a long as i can. i don’t see anything changing soon, so it’ll still be here and i’ll still be here. :)

dig it…

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