Thursday, October 20, 2011

Paranormal Activity Cheeseburger 49

this is a weekend i’m dying to have. guilty pleasures of scary movies are in order and it seems that Paranormal Activity 3 is the one to pick. yeah, i need to separate all ties with my integrity and uptight snobbery to see this movie, and i don’t mind it at all. i think my mom will be accompanying me just like the last two times we saw the films. oh, and kristy is a scaredy cat!!!

ah, and i only have six ½ more days until i get my sweaty/cold hands on my copy of BATTLEFIELD 3 YA FINE FOLKS!!! OMG, i’m soooooooo excited to finally play this!!! it’s going to be a shut-in kind of winter for sure. i just hope that kristy won’t mind too much…

enjoy the upcoming weekend. it’s sure to be a fun one me thinks!!!

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