Sunday, April 8, 2012

April 8th, 2012...

I take a lot of things for granted. One thing I surely do is forget God's mercy and grace. I've been dealing with my own personal issues without his help. That cannot be done. I've been getting more and more involved with worldly nature. That is not good. I've been struggling to come to terms with my own personal self. It's askew and not easy to straighten. I let impure thoughts plague my mind. God lives in me. I shouldn't let him be near such troubling stuff.

Today is Easter Sunday. The most important day in our lives. God died on the cross for us. He took all our sins. There is no way we can pay him back for what he did. We are not worthy. I am not a good Christian. I try my best most of the time, but fail to carry that fact. God has had mercy on me since I was born. Through a wealth of dysfunctional family life, (a parents divorce, domestic violence, lies, hate), to me almost killing myself back in college, God has shown me mercy and has protected me. He has let me go through hardships in order to learn and become a man of something he see's fit. I am still here and still living, but all of that couldn't have happened without God's mercy and the sacrifice Jesus made when he died on the cross.

This is Easter Sunday. The most important day of the year...

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