Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Little Classic Rock Enthusiast...

i just watched the first official trailer for The Hobbit. i'm freakin' stoked. i'll have to wait an entire year for it to come out, but that's fine. every little bit of juicy details to get excited about just eases my pain. ha ha. no, really though, i'm just passionate about certain things and its nice to have little pieces scattered around to look forward too.

this evening me and kristy took out my two cousins to see Christmas lights. its nice to see them, but it doesn't happen often since they live so far away. they're precious and very funny. i was teased all night and forced to listen to Bob Jovie and the Eagles. those rascals!!!

Christmas is just about five days away. the excitement is here, but my patience is the most important. being around my family is unpredictable and usually stresses me out thinly like ringing a wash cloth. i always have to pray before our gatherings begin...

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