Monday, March 12, 2012

Thunder Up Ya Punx...

its close to midnight here. me and kristy just got back from playing basketball at the church. it's becoming a new thing for me and i'm starting to really love it. i actually made a few points!!! ha ha

speaking of basketball, we're both going to see the Oklahoma THUNDAAA play tuesday!!! we haven't been to a game since the playoffs last year. i'm quickly changing my lifestyle and becoming someone who appreciates life more often. for so long i've been a shut-in; one who stays away from others and wishes to not be involved. anyway time has moved on, seasons have changed and i'm much older. so old that i can feel it in my legs and feet, back and sides, head and shoulders. blah blah blah...

oh, and we're watching The Office right now, me and kristy. its good to share something i love with someone i love.

i'm full of total CHEESE!!! :^P

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