Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Schuyler Gone To Heaven...

something special will happen tonight. me and kristy are going to see The Pixies and they will be playing their album, Doolittle, in its entirety. i find this to me a momentous occasion, but also one of deep, personal memories. there is a lot of emotional baggage that this band carries for me. i spent quite a bit of time listening to their music and experiencing them with certain people. it makes me even more humble that I finally get to see them, but also that it’s a sort of turn around. things in life just seem to work out in mysterious ways. i have no clue what to expect tonight, but i just hope that me and kristy will remember it for a good long time and that i will be refreshed and whole. a kind of thing that i’d like to say will, “fill in the gaps in my life”, so to speak.

my plans for Thanksgiving weekend are going good. i think i’m going to Texas with kristy this year and spending time with her family. i’m really looking forward to this because i desperately want a change. i need a change. time to do something for myself. later on saturday i think i’ll head back to oklahoma and stop by the Choctaw powwow in Durant. my dad and stepmom are getting a hotel room and i’ll just hang with them. too bad i won’t be able to go fishing. last time i went down there me and dad went striper bass huntin’ with our old buddy Rick. fishing for striper is one of the best things in the world. the only way to feel at peace sometimes is to spend several hours just fishing. not many things in the world are as relaxing as fishing.

and so i’m off once again. time to start plannin’ on what to get my family for Christmas and time to start plannin’ on the time spent with my video games. i have around 15 that i still need to beat the crap out of, but geez, Battlefield 3 is just so awesome and taking a huge part of my time. oh, and Modern Warfare 3 is pretty boring overall. it really is the same ol’e thing…

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