Monday, January 24, 2011

Green Chili...

things seem to be spreading about in the schuyler camp. i'm enjoying the sudden change in attitude and lifestyle. i feel as if the next step is upon me finally and i can move on from this basement of shame and depression. ugh, just thinking about my past makes me sick to my stomach, but amazingly, i can now look upon it with an academic sort of mind frame. a history lesson in what not to do i suppose. and gratefully i now have somebody close that can make the days better and turn my mind away from such awful feelings and thoughts. (big shout out to miss kristy!!!)

she caught me at a vulnerable moment...

ok ok, enough with that cheese. i want to go to norman and buy some lp's for my new vinyl collection that i'm wanting to start, so let's get this music thing over with. in recent email correspondence, i've been given the chance to review a new artist and their debut album, so let's get going with the duo known as, Night Surgeon.

from the press release sent with the cd i got in the mail, it says that these guys hail from portland, oregon and i'm thinking, started around 2000 something. eh, sorry for not knowing the exact date of inception, but these cats are a little hard to find. of course don't let that keep you from checking them out!!! their music is pleasantly surprising. now, based off what the press release has quoted, these guys have been compared to artists like, Depeche Mode. Cut Copy and Placebo. i can get behind those and agree. lead singer patrick replogle does have a similar vocal style that can remind one of brian molko, but i don't want to stop just there. often when listening to music, i end up thinking of many artists all at once. i like to try and pinpoint where certain musicians sit in between those who have already established themselves. to go a bit further, i'd say i was reminded of roland gift from Fine Young Cannibals. yes, that band FYC. no seriously, his vocal style reminded me of roland and i find that an awesome link. replogle does the glitchy music justice, while not relying to heavily on studio distortion for his vocals which often can hamper down the tunes. i want to see this performed live now!!!

oh, and let's not forget john boyd who supplies the live drums and piano. combined with patrick's live guitars and synths, the duo creates a miss mash of this past decade's better moments. there's traces of techno/dance as well as new wave synths and chiptune/mega man blasting through robot bag guys type of jams. saying these guys are just like similar indie pop acts Passion Pit and Owl City, would be a slap in the face i'd say. (no, i didn't compare them to those two. i read that somewhere...) night surgeon is their own unique sound and style and by golly, it freekin' works!!!

while jammin' through their entire debut album, Day for Night, i was taken aback by the crisp, yet clean production. this comes courtesy of studio wiz, gabriel espinosa, who has worked with artists such as Blondie and Fischerspooner. the music follows simple, yet dynamic patterns that rush the listener along as if they were riding tidal waves. the atmosphere is calming, but with just the right amount of rushing and free falling that it can get you caught up in the moment. if i had to make any complaints, i'd say it comes from the repetitiveness of a few songs. they do seem to follow the same sort of rhythm and style, but this isn't a major, nor a terrible issue because thankfully we have the slower tracks, which in my opinion, are the albums best kept secrets. track three, "roman error" and track six "better to be young" are my faves. this is where the fyc comparisons took root. also, if you've ever jammed Yeasayer's latest effort, Odd Blood, you will find solace here if that hasn't happened yet.

overall, i'd say this debut warrants a strong listen and if i had to rank it, i'd give it an 8/10. do pay attention because this is something refreshing and hopefully useful when it comes to making a choice between good music and bad music. night surgeon = good!!! owl city = baaaaadddddd... oh, and i also want to give a big shout out to patrick for sending me an advanced copy of the album and for getting me in on the know. please visit their myspace to jam the tunes and grab this album when it drops on february 15, 2011.

video coming soonish i hope...

meep meep meep...

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  1. i will check this out when it comes out.